Human Touch Certus 按摩椅
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Human Touch Certus 按摩椅

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  • 11種自動程序
  • 3D機芯
  • 獨特SL型導軌
  • 可伸縮脚凳
  • 全身拉伸模式
  • 省空間設計
  • 腰部和小腿加熱
  • 零重力模式
  • USB充電插口
  • Altec Lansing高質量音響



  • 11種自動程序
  • 3D機芯
  • 獨特SL型導軌
  • 可伸縮脚凳
  • 全身拉伸模式
  • 省空間設計
  • 腰部和小腿加熱
  • 零重力模式
  • USB充電插口
  • Altec Lansing高質量音響



  • 11 Auto-Wellness Programs
  • Flex 3D Massage Technology
  • Unique S and L-Track Massage
  • Extending Foot and Calf Massage
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Space Saving Design
  • Dual Lumbar and Calf Heat
  • Zero Gravity Seating
  • Built-In USB Port
  • Altec Lansing Premium Sound System

11 Auto-Wellness Programs

Indulge in 11 programs, including Full-Body massage, Stretch, Energize, and Recovery—all mapped for maximum effectiveness using our AcuPoint® Detection technology.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

Strategically placed Comfort AirCells apply targeted pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.

Zero Gravity Seating

The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart, the position doctors recommend as the healthiest way to sit.

Dual Lumbar and Calf Heat

Adjustable and targeted heat gently soothes the back to loosen tight muscles and help relieve pain.

Extending Foot and Calf Massage

With a unique outer orbital effect calf massager, underfoot rollers for optimized reflexology and adjustable intensity, the extendable leg rest automatically adjusts for your height

Flex 3D Massage Technology

With adjustable intensity settings you can tailor your massage for a therapeutic, fully-enveloping massage with just the right pressure.

Built-In USB Port

Use the built-in USB port to charge your favorite hand-held device while you listen to music, watch videos, or read an eBook.

S- and L-Track Massage

While the L-Track extends high performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your glutes and thighs, the S-Track closely follows the curvature of the spine. The result is a massage that is designed to move with the natural curves of your body for optimal results.

  • Upright: 63"(L) x 32"(W) x 47"(H)
  • Recline: 75"(L) x 32"(W) x 33"(H)
  • Seat Dimensions: 19"(W) x 21"(H) x 18"(D)
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 58"(L) x 31"(W) x 37"(H)
  • Shipping Box 2 Dimensions: 47"(L) x 17"(W) x 29"(H)
  • Gross Weight: 252lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 285lbs
  • Calf Massage Width: 4.5"
  • Calf Massage Height: 15"
  • Height Range: 5'0" - 6'9"
  • Distance From Wall: 0.2"

Consumer Warranties

What we cover:

Human Touch® products are backed by limited warranties against defects in materials and workmanship. The information provided here is an overview of our warranty program. For specific information related to your product, contact Customer Experience at (800) 355-2762 or e-mail us at

Warranty coverage begins at the time the Consumer purchases the product, and is non-transferable. Warranties are only valid within the United States and Canada, provided the equipment has been operated according to the instructions accompanying it. The warranty only applies to the product and does not include any accessories or enhancements. All Human Touch-authorized shipments that are delivered in original, new packaging are warranted to be free from defects in parts, materials and workmanship. The following warranty terms supersede any previous terms listed in Use & Care manuals for products purchased on or after May 15, 2014:

Standard Consumer Product Warranty 2016

In-Home Service Parts Structural
Premium Warranty
(Super Novo,Novo XT2,Novo XT, Novo, Navitas Sleep, HT-Ascent 4,HT-9500x, HT-Bali, AT 6.0, HT-7450, ZG 5.0, ZG 4.0, BodySPA,PC-420, Quies, Certus)
1 Year 3 Years
5 Years
Standard Warranty
(HT-7120, HT-135, HT-275, HT-5040, HT-3300, ZG 2.0, WB 7.1, WB 5.1, WB 5.0, WB 2.0, ZeroG Volito,PC-8500)
1 Year
2 Years 3 Years
Basic Warranty
(iJoy 2720, iJoy 2580, iJoy 2310, iJoy Reveal, iJoy Active 2.0)
90 Days
1 Year
2 Years
Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Warranty (PC-420, PC-610,PC-LiVE) : 5 Years Labor, Parts &Structural. (purchased after March 1,2018)
Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Warranty (PC-420, PC-610,PC-LiVE) : 3 Years Labor, Parts & 5 Years Structural. (purchased before March 1,2018)

For products not listed or sold prior to April 1, 2011, please refer to the original product owner’s manual.

What is not covered:

Warranties do not cover any loss or damage resulting from: improper installation; unauthorized repairs; alterations or modifications of original condition; improper use of electrical/power supply, loss of power; electrical disturbances and power surges; dropped product; a malfunction or damage resulting from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance; failure to follow operating instructions; transportation damage; theft; abuse; misuse; neglect; vandalism; or environmental conditions (fire, floods, rust, corrosion, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, or exposure to weather conditions); loss of use during the period the product is at a repair facility or otherwise awaiting parts or repair; and products purchased from unauthorized dealers. Damage incurred due to shipping and handling does not constitute a defect under this warranty.

How to request Warranty service:

All warranty service requires approval and authorization by Human Touch. Consumers can contact the Human Touch® Customer Experience department between 6:00AM and 5:00PM PST, Monday thru Friday, at (800) 355-2762 or via e-mail at Products require a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) for any returns. Products received without a valid RMA number that is clearly marked on the box will be refused. Human Touch will not issue Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) for:

Buyer's remorse
Freight damage for shipments to end-user, except for DROP shipments direct from Human Touch

Proof of purchase (original receipt) is required for all warranty repairs or service. It is the responsibility of the consumer to: operate the equipment in a manner that is defined in the original owners manual; promptly report any failures with the product; perform telephone, email and/or chat diagnostic procedures as instructed by Human Touch staff; and allow only authorized service professionals (supplied by Human Touch) to work on the product. Failure to adhere to these conditions could result in the warranty being voided.

During the In-Home service and Parts warranty period, Human Touch, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame. If a particular replacement part is not available, reasonable efforts will be made to locate a compatible replacement part. If a compatible part is not available, Human Touch may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Human Touch is no longer responsible for making repairs under the warranty coverage. For In-Home Service, Human Touch will arrange for all covered parts deemed necessary to be sent to the consumer and an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer’s residence at no charge to the customer. Any repairs needed during the Parts warranty coverage, Human Touch will provide parts at no cost; however consumer is responsible for any and all shipping, duties and brokerage fees. Structure warranty is limited to the wooden frame and/or welded parts of the frame for the product. If a replacement is issued under the Parts or Structure warranty period, consumer is responsible for shipping, duties and brokerage fees related to the replacement.

Human Touch, reserves the right to return a part or product. If it has been determined that a part and/or product must be returned to Human Touch, Human Touch is responsible for all shipping charges related to the return of the part and/or product. The consumer is financially responsible for providing the product in an acceptable physical condition. If a product/part is not returned to Human Touch, the consumer is responsible for properly disposing of the product. Alternatively, consumer can request Human Touch to remove the product and would be subject to an Environmental Disposal fee. Human Touch is not responsible for any applicable duties, taxes and brokerage fees associated with returned parts or products.


Warranties are non-transferable and shall be in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for particular use. Human Touch's sole liability and the purchaser's exclusive remedy shall be for the repair, or at Human Touch's option, for the replacement of the defective part. Not withstanding the above, if replacements parts for defective materials are not available, Human Touch reserves the right to make substitutions in lieu of repair or replacement. Under no circumstance shall Human Touch or its representatives be liable for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages (including damages for lost profits, business interruption, bodily injury, medical, and the like), even if any party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Warranties are only valid within the United States and Canada, provided the equipment has been operated according to the instructions accompanying it. Products or parts that are purchased via a non-authorized third party are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty only applies to the product and does not include any accessories or enhancements.

Field Service is only available in the United States and major metropolitan areas in Canada. Field Service requires pre-approval and must be performed by Human Touch-authorized field service personnel to maintain warranty coverage. Softening/hardening of foams and filling composites in pillows, pads, and memory foam kits does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those items naturally change with use. Fading, wear and pilling of fabrics does not constitute a defect under this warranty as those conditions naturally occur with fabrics. Natural markings, grain, and dye variations in leather do not constitute a defect under this warranty, as no two pieces of leather are alike.

Standard warranty coverage and liability obligations do not apply to rental or non-prescribed use locations or modes of operation not previously authorized by Human Touch. For question on commercial, other non-residential use, refurbished, renewed, floor sample and "out-of-box" products, please contact our Customer Experience department.

Head-to-Toe Premium Protection Plans

For long-term peace of mind, Human Touch also offers attractive two- and five-year enhanced protection plans, providing you complete in-home service and parts head-to-toe coverage. Call (800) 355-2762 for details.

Human Touch 2-Year Extended Premium Protection Plan:
3 Year In-Home Labor Repair Service
3 Year Parts
3 Year Frame/Structure

Human Touch 5-Year Extended Premium Protection Plan:
5 Year In-Home Labor Repair Service
5 Year Parts
5 Year Frame/Structure
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